Neighborhood learns sign-language For Family With Deaf Daughter

In order to support a family with a deaf daughter, the community started learning sign language to communicate with her.

Glenda and Raphi Savitz have a two year old daughter, Samantha, who was born deaf. Glenda and Raphi obviously learned sign language in order to communicate with their daughter. Samantha can only communicate through the use of sign language and therefore is unable to socialize with other people in the neighborhood.

Glenda and Raphi’s neighbors started noticing that the parents were communicating with Samantha through sign language and it all gave them an idea. Without being asked by the Savitz family, many of the neighbors began taking night sign language classes. The neighbors loved learning sign language and loved their teacher.

The small night class started to get bigger and bigger. Soon the instructor was hired to privately teach the community while gathered in one of the members living room. The class has slowly grown and there are currently 20 members of the class. More and more people are joining the neighborhood sign language class. The members of the sign language class are so excited to be able to communicate with Samantha. They are now being able to tell her that she “has a nice shirt” and that they are “proud of her for making a basket in her basketball hoop.”

The neighbors in this community are simply amazing. They realize that Samantha is going to be in their neighborhood throughout her entire childhood and they want to be part of watching her grow. They want to make sure that she feels welcomed and that she is able to communicate with those around her. They didn’t want her to feel like she was left out, or that she wasn’t accepted into the “group” just because she couldn’t hear. All of the neighbors feel so great that they can communicate simple phrases with little Samantha. The Savitz family is completley blown away that the neighborhood has shown such compassion that they are willing to take time out of their own lives to learn how to communicate with their daughter. What a great community full of love and kindness!

by Nicole Christensen – on Feb 14, 2019